Some Frequently Asked Questions

This can vary greatly depending on the amount of damage done to the carpet and the particular substances that may be present on the carpet. Typically, with an average clean up job with simply dirt and dust, the carpet cleaning process with take about an hour to clean per 300 cleanable square feet. However, if there are additional stains and spots present, the amount of time required for the process can increase accordingly. Whatever the case, our experts are sure to work as fast as they possibly can to ensure that the least amount of time is taken to ensure that you are not inconvenienced for long.
In order to make sure that your carpet remains the sleek look and that no safety hazards occur shortly after we have finished our professional cleaning job, it is important to follow a few simple rules. The first thing to keep in mind is to take care and be careful when walking from the carpet to hard surfaces as the floors can be extremely slippery. You also should make sure to keep your pets and children off of the carpet for a bare minimum of 6 hours. This prevents the work from being undone. You should also keep all blocks and tabs in place for 24 hours after the carpet has been cleaned. You should also wait at least 24 hours after the carpet cleaning job has been done before vacuuming or cleaning the carpet yourself.
It is vitally important that you make sure to keep all pets, children, and any regular traffic off of the freshly cleaned carpet for 6 hours at the very least. If necessary, the homeowner may utilize the carpet after the professional carpet cleaning, but only if wearing white socks. You should wait 24 hours before you remove any of the Sytrofoam blocks and plastic tabs that were put in place to protect the carpet and furniture. Many carpets and upholstery may feel damp for a period of up to 18 hours depending on the type of carpet and soiling condition. Do not fear, though. This is completely normal and will not cause any damage to the surface.
Included in the price of our regular services are the movement of large furniture pieces such as sofas, tables, end tables, chairs, and so on. Larger furniture items such as beds, dressers, and other heavier pieces are typically left where they are during one of our regular professional cleanings and under our regular pricing structure. However, if you require these larger pieces to be moved during the cleaning process, we will have no problem quoting a price for you that includes any additional furniture that needs to be moved at the time of our estimate.
Just about any spot that is not already a permanent stain can be completely removed during our regular cleaning process. However, there are conditions that exist where permanent staining is present and impossible to remedy. Things like blood, rust, latex paint, coffee, tea, soda pop, and water rings usually have very good results, with complete removal usually pretty promising. Substances like urine, vomit, lipstick stains, and ketchup are a little bit trickier and vary greatly depending on the situation and the amount of the concentration. Substances like filtration soiling, enamel paint, mustard, ink, and red dyes are extremely difficult or in some cases almost impossible. Any furniture stains are just about completely impossible.
If there are any instances of color loss or bleaching in the carpet, there is no way to restore the spot, however we have a service where we can repair carpet for you by replacing the area of the carpet with another piece from an area of the carpet that is out of sight, such as a closet. It is possible for you to get the spot dyed, but it usually does not result in the spot looking very food and clean, and as a result we do not offer that particular service.
We offer no guarantee on removing any indentations from furniture. This is because as the pile of the carpet is being indented, the backing of the carpet is also indented. However, we do have a process of applying heat, moisture, and hand grooming with our specialized equipment, which usually helps out a great amount, although it usually takes some time to fully release the indentation back to a normal state, if it ever returns to a normal state. Cases that are seriously affected will never return to normal completely.
When you are focusing on maintaining the upkeep on your carpet, it is vitally important to put most of your focus on the areas with high traffic. If you do not remove the soil that has been ground in on a regular basis then the high traffic areas will begin to wear away excessively. This is because the dirt is very abrasive against the fibers of carpet as traffic moves over it. The next area of primary focus should be spot removal. Any time a danger spot appears, you need to tend to it immediately. Things like red wine, red beverages, blood, urine, vomit, and so on will cause a permanent stain if you do not tend to them right away. Make sure to vacuum your carpet once or twice a week at the very least, as well as get a professional cleaning at least once a year.
The number one key to making sure that the professional work is not lost is immediate spot removal. You must also take great care in making sure the spot cleaning is done properly. If the carpet is more on the new side, or has a high quality protector on it, then you should be able to resolve the issue with plain tap water, however there are also a great amount of spots that will not remove quite so easily with simple water, and you need to use a higher powered spot cleaner. It is important that you use a spot cleaner that is recommended by the carpet manufacturer, or by a trained and professional carpet cleaner. It is also important to avoid foam carpet cleaner or products that are not made specifically for carpets. for any spots that you are not able to remove, as well as pet urine and feces, it is important to call your friends at Detroit Carpet Cleaning right away.
We understand that some people can be skeptical about having strangers in their house, and it is important to be sure about the people you let into your home. But we assure you that each and every member of our crew is a highly trained professional who you will have no problem trusting. We do not require you to be home during the time of the cleaning, and if you need to meet each and every member of the crew before leaving, that is no problem for us either. It is recommended that you have someone home before the cleaning begins to discuss any specific areas of concern that regard the care and cleaning of your carpet (also to let us in!)